Class ProductVariant


This Class represents a dataobject Product Variant

Variable Summary
double $BuyingPrice

The internal purchase price of the ProductVariant

ProductDeliveryTime $DeliveryTime

the DeliveryTime of this ProductVariant, (returns null for the "standard" and "standard_lager" types)

int $DeliveryTimeId

the id of the DeliveryTime, (0 to display amount of product in stock. -1 for no information at all)

boolean $DisableOnEmpty

Indicates whether or not the ProductVariant should be hidden in the shop when it is not in stock

double $Discount

The discount on the ProductVariant

string $DiscountType

The type of discount given in Discount, either 'p' for percent or 'a' for a amount

string $Ean

The Ean number of the Product

int $Id

The id of the ProductVariant

string $ItemNumber

The item number of the ProductVariant

string $ItemNumberSupplier

The supplier item number of the Product

int $MinAmount

The minimum amount which can be ordered this Variant

int $PictureId

The id of the Picture of the ProductVariant

double $Price

The price of this ProductVariant

int $ProductId

The id of the Product of the ProductVariant

int $Sorting

The position of the ProductVariant amongst its siblings

boolean $Status

Indicates wether or not this ProductVariant is visible in the shop

int $Stock

Indicates the amount of this variant in stock

string $Title

The Title of the Variant (the name(s) of the VarientTypeValues concatted with //)

ProductUnit $Unit

The ProductUnit of the Variant

int[] $VariantTypeValues

The IDs of the VariantTypeValues associated with the Variant

double $Weight

The weight of the ProductVariant

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